We offer child-led learning that will guide your child on the right educational path. At Little Red Schoolhouse we teach children life skills, active problem solving, and conflict resolution. As a whole we follow a High Scope curriculum. We create lesson plans and themes, but let the kids explore an idea after a lesson to shape their education. 


We let your child learn, grow, and blaze their own path. 


For our phonics program we use Zoo Phonics.  The children learn phonic sounds, letter shapes, and a hand motion for each letter. This creates an accessible and clear way to learn and discover. This program is educational, yet fun and engaging!

Our enrichment activities: a multi-dimensional approach. 

We allow children to develop and grow in multiple aspects. We offer a music class weekly with an outside instructor included.  In the near future we will be using KinderMusic, consistently growing in how we can better our programs. Not only do we musically develop our children at Little Red Schoolhouse, we also offer weekly yoga classes! Just like our music classes, we bring in outside instructors for yoga. Some of our other enrichment activities include soccer and gymnastics. 

Sign language and Spanish.

Sign language is worked on in the infant room.  We are also adding Spanish to early preschool and preschool by using words and colors for an easier way for children to grasp these languages. It’s so important to start language building at an early age, and it helps build intelligence all around for children. 


Intergenerational program with a nearby nursing home.  

We make a monthly visit to Vista Springs, a local nursing home, to spend time with the residents. This helps fine motor skills and dexterity for both generations. On top of the cute interactions, there is also so much fun to be had! Christmas carols and performances from the children, trick or treating, and so much more.